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Iranische Gastfreundschaft

Name:Bulent Dilaveroglu

Country:  Turkey



At first i must thank you and all WHO tried to realize this famous tour for us.İran is really a charming country and we are very contents for all except to see in an ermenian church a lot thinks on genosid that we do not accept and it is some think degasting to see such thinks in the territory of friendly country.About sides we visited i must say Holly schrine of İmam Rıza is a place that we never seen before in my life(just now i visited more than 70 country).And before seeing Gülistan palace i said the pmrvellous palace that ever seen is Schonnbrunn in Wien but after Gülistan palace this mind changed.And to be sure you will a lot of clients from Turkey because all my friends WHO see our pictures on facebook ask us how can they same tour. With my best regards Dr.Bülent Dilaveroglu


Name:Bruno Amancio 

Country:  Brazil



Hello. Greetings from Brazil. My trip to Iran was fantastic. It was truly an unforgettable experience. I chose PTA to arrange my tour and couldn't be more grateful. I would like to thank everybody from PTA for the awesome job done, specially Aliye Jafari, who's been so helpful and cleared all my doubts regarding my trip from Brazil to Iran and also to the tour guide Nazli Farjam in Tehran, she's so nice to be around, funny and she would go out of her way to keep us satisfied. See you in Brazil soon, Nazli. And of course, our tour guide, Saeid! He's such a character, very funny and extremely knowledgeable about persian history and Iranian places. I told him to make an audiobook because I wouldn't remember all the Persian histories he told us during the trip. I would give Iran a 100 points out of 100! Iran definitely surpassed all my expectations. It's history, people, culture, music, movie, religion, architecture and nature all wrapped into one beautiful country enjoying all types of weather situations. The road views I captured with my camera (and with my mind) going on tour from Shiraz to Hamedan were simply spectacular! It was good to join only 2 more guys on the tour because it felt more like a road trip and road trips are the best. All hotels were nice, specially the one in Hamedan, the Babataher. Local people are kind, thoughtful and they will go out of their way to help you. I felt very comfortable since day 1 and was already feeling like a local Tehraner. The authorities' behavior was ok. In other words, I didn't have any trouble with them. They seem nice and helpful. The ones at checkpoints and the city guards would go nuts everytime I said I was from Brazil and they would say: "Oh, Brazil. Good. Football!" hahaha Mersi, PTA. Mersi, Iran.


Iran, Michetti Vera


Name:Michetti Vera

Country: Italy



Thanks to your agency for the organization of our trip, as it met our requirements, quickly and in the best way. Thanks to our guide Afarin ("Afrique") that gently and professionally guided us in your beautiful country, taking us by the hand and with confidence, in a world so different from ours, giving us historical information and more, leaving us a positive memory of your people, indelibly. A symbolic embrace between you and us with deep respect and affection.

Michel & Vera
Massimo& Silvia


 Iranian Hospitality, ZBIGNIEW MIELCZAREK



Country: Poland



1- When on organised travel I always pass my remarks or objections to local guide whom I recognise as representative of travel agency not a private person. That helps us both - him and me to solve the problems if any, as they follow, without bothering the agency. Of course, if there is no cooperation or matter is too serious to be solved on this level I apply to the agency. During this trip there was no necessity to involve PTA and Mr Vahid was enough to solve the problems as they appeared.

2. When travel agency, does not matter Polish or foreign asks me after the trip to send suggestions or remarks developing the service provided I always answer I will do it if I was employed by the agency. That is job of tour leader or guide basing on the current problems happened when working with the group. So point 2 is strictly connected with point 1. I do hope Mr. Vahid passed all necessary remarks after his return to Shiraz.









Jonas (63) and Aldona (61) from Lithuania enjoyed Treasure of Persia 12-day Tour in April 2014. We joined a really international group of 14 persons from 7 countries and 4 continents. The sole of our friendly small community became our guide Mr. Ariya Atashsoda. Mr. Ariya's deep historical and cultural knowledge, sincere concern for the whole group and each person, love to his work and to his country made him the best tour guide we have ever seen. Our driver Mr. Hamid was friendly and helpful man and fantastic driver. We got this trip thanks to Mrs. Aliye Jafari's great efforts and patience. Everything in this tour was perfectly organised from night meetings and transfers from/to airports to booking of modest but comfortable hotels in good locations. We are thankful to Aliye and all invisible staff of PTA for access to Iran, it's peoples and thousands years of history and civilization. Jonas and Aldona.


Iran, Nashine Group


Name: Nashine & family

Country: England



We were a group of 17 friends on a journey that we are unlikely to ever forget. Iran is a beautiful country with its great history, warm and very friendly people, and a civilised and sophisticated culture. We felt very safe through out the journey. We were very fortunate to have Vahid Negahbandfard as our excellent guide - an extremely polite, attentive, knowledgeable and entertaining young man and the most wonderful driver , Mansoor. They looked after us with care and consideration which went beyond their call of duty. I cannot praise them enough. Aliye Jafferi was our tour coordinator. She was the first contact we had with Pars tourist agency and they should be proud of her.She managed to deal with problems we had along the way and was always available if we needed her. We did not manage to Fit Tabriz into our schedule so we will definitely be back! We have told all our friends that they definitely need to have Iran on they wish list destinations. Just a few small points if you are planning a trip. We would have liked a detailed schedule of our day to day plan as most travel agents on a tour provide. That way we could have done some research on the places we were to visit and made sure that they were open on the days that we were there. Secondly, there were some places where the better accommodation was not available. We would have preferred to be told from the outset and may be advised to select different dates. At least the option to do that should have been offered. I know that when I return to Iran, I will be using Pars tours again. We wish them every success for the future.


Iran, Isfahan, Marko Dugalic


Name: Marko Dugalic

Country: Serbia



Although it was not originally planned it turned out that became big traveler, soon 50 visited countries. But always wanted to visit Iran, could not be traveler and not thinking about such great country with long and big history and tradition. Mrs Aliye Jafari was more than helpful in organization my trip while Mr Afshin Vafa, our tour guide was and is great friend, no more words needed to be said. With no single unpleasant situation,with a lot of great things experienced returned home with full heart and mind. For more specific information do not hesitate to contact me on, also on my facebook page could find several hundreds pictures from Iran trip, everybody is more than welcome to visit. Upon return recommended PTA agency to everyone, hope that my great experiences will bring more and more people to Iran. Thank you, Marko



Iran, Shiraz, Stefano group


Name: Stefano Abbadessa

Country: Italy



Our trip to Iran was very nice, the guide and the driver were very professional and friendly.

I have a memory of great sympathy and friendship.

 The people we met we were left feeling very nice and friendly.

 The whole group is back in Italy happy and satisfied.

 The relationship with the agency, that is with you, he was always polite and professional.

 I have nothing to criticize your work: we only had the problem of not fuonzionameto air conditioning in the desert was hard to bear for us not used to those temperatures but is the guide that the driver did everything they could to ceracre to solve the problem.

 The hotels we stayed DVE were very good ... with charm and tradition ... as we requested.

 Only those in Tehran and Shiaraz were of "international" (good quality) it for us less "interesting".

The whole group of my cultural association was satisfied and probably be able to bring other people in the future ... maybe even with other routes


Name: Ramon Setnikar

Country: Slovenia



Thanks to Aliye for organising my tour and especially to my guide Afshin, whom I found to be very attentive to my needs and we have great time together traveling around Iran for 1 month. Iran is fascinating country and I really enjoyed my travel around Iran.


Iran Hospitality, Susan Gail


Name: Susan Gail Laughlin

Country: USA



Mr. Massood Nematollahi

Managing Director, Pars Touris Agency

 Dear Mr. Nematollahi,

 My husband and I recently took a three week tour organized by PTA and we had such a marvelous experience we wanted to write you to say how pleased we are with the work your agency did.  Most especially we want to say how much we appreciate our guide, Afshin Vafa.

 I am sure you know about Afshin’s wonderful qualities but we would like to let you know that these qualities are very apparent to your tourists, as well.  He is a remarkable young man.  We found him to be extremely observant and attentive to our needs, very creative in offering us opportunities to experience Iranian life, and dedicated to making sure we had days full of varied events.  He was absolutely generous with his time, kind to us in every way, and a delight to spend time with.  He introduced us to his family, to his friends, and to Iranian customs and foods.  These are memories we will never forget. More than just being an excellent tour guide, Afshin is an honorable and trustworthy young man.  We felt he represented the best of Iranian youth and he will be our most lasting memory of your country.  I am sure that you feel very proud of Afshin.  It is hard to imagine that we might have had a better experience.

 We also want to thank and commend Aliyeh Jafari who made all the arrangements for our tour and was very responsive during the planning stages. Many thanks to your company for a most enjoyable and memorable experience.


Susan Laughlin and Lowell Cooper


Iran, Genevieve and Mike


Name: Genevieve

Country: Australia



We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for putting together for us a wonderful private tour of Iran. This will be a tour that we will remember. As a tour operator you were able to meet our needs, wants and requirements in every detail. Iran is a beautiful country, rich in ancient history and culture. We were overwhelmed by friendly people who proudly welcomed us to their country. I would like to mention also the tour guides you assigned for our tour. In Shiraz we were greeted by the very friendly Saeed who exceeded all our expectations of a tour guide. He was polite and courteous and flexible with tour plans and he ensured we were comfortable and happy. Saeed's knowledge of the history and culture of Iran was amazing. We had a wonderful 10 days with Saeed from Shiraz to Isfahan. Saeed is an asset to your company. From Mashad to Tehran our tour guide was Zohreh who was very diligent in her duties as our guide. She was friendly and very knowledgeable about the history and culture of Iran. Zohreh ensured our itinerary was followed. Zohreh is also an asset to your company. It was a very good idea and necessary to have a local guide to assist Zoreh for the Shahrud area. The local guide (Mr. Ashouri) was able to significantly enhance our experience in this area as he had agreater understanding of the desert and local villages and of course the Miandast Cheetah Reserve. Without Mr. Ashouri's help we may not have been able to visit the reserve. It is also necessary to have a well appointed vehicle for the Shahrud area as much of it is rough /desert roads.

Thank you once again.

Genevieve and Mike Bennett



Iran, Renee Thorpe


Name: Renee Thorpe & Family

Country: United States



Pars Tourist Agency was able to tailor our open jaw tour exactly to our request. Our guide/driver Abdullah was cheerful and very knowledgeable about the sites and worked with us at our pace. He always made good suggestions for new local dishes to try, and he was made good restaurant decisions. Once, when we were not happy with the hotel we were booked into, he quickly changed us over to a nicer place without a rate change. He took a personal interest in us and pretty soon was able to make good judgements about activities and sites we would all enjoy. For example, he knew we were interested in hearing the men who sing in the bridge at Esfahan, so he got us there at a time when the best ones were most likely to be there. We really loved the historic hotels in Kashan and Yazd, magical cities. I will be return in Iran.



Iran, Shiraz, Emilio


Name: Emilio & Friends




We were a group of 4 and enjoyed a fifteen days tour of Iran. Iran is a great Country both in term of dimesnion as well as in term of history and culture. We had wonderful experiences in meeting very friendly local people, interested and curious of other nationalities. Italians (but I am sure other nationalities too) are very welcome. The infrastractures (highways) are extremely good. Besides the "crazy" traffic in Tehran (but they are 14 millions!) outside traffic is more than reasonable. The infrastructure of Internet connection can still be improved, even if we found a wifi (free) connection in the "Underground city" at Kashan. Infrastructures like hotel can be improved too, especially because Iran target to host something like 20 millions tourist by 2020. Overall a great experience. We have to thank Moshen, our guide, Alì our driver, Aliye our correspondent in Pars Agency and Mosad "the boss". All of them helped us to overcome the little inconveniences we experienced during or trip.



Iran, Shiraz, Pasargad, Patrick Moore

Name: Patrick Moore

Country:United States



My father and I visited various cities and had a wonderful time. I found it remarkably easy to become attached to everything and everyone. Leaving Iran was actually painful. Thanks to Ms. Jafari who helped us on this wonderful adventure. I'm determined to return again one day, this was by far one of the greatest experiences of my life






Iran, Isfahan, Jose Manuel



Country: Spain

Date: 2014-09-03


Somos un grupo de amigos españoles  que viajamos por el mundo. En Septiembre de 2.014 hemos estado en Irán. Hemos contratado los servicios de esta agencia que ha cumplido todo lo que prometió según nuestras peticiones: guía, hoteles, coche, chófer. Por ello, la recomendamos.

Al contrario de lo que pueda parecer Irán no es un país inseguro. Realmente es muy seguro. Los iraníes son muy hospitalarios y amigables. Es frecuente que te paren por la calle y te pregunten si necesitas ayuda o que pregunten qué se piensa de ellos fuera de Irán. Las familias pasan su tiempo libre en los parques y jardines (hay muchos) extienden un mantel y... a comer y charlar. En cuanto les miras un poco te llaman y te ofrecen que te sientes a su lado para compartir con ellos la comida, la conversación y  una taza de té. Son muy curiosos. Son ellos los que nos han pedido hacerse fotos con nosotros y no al contrario.

Por otro lado, el país es muy bello y hermoso. Lo que se refleja en ciudades como: Isfahán, Yazd, Kermán, Shiraz, etc.



Iran, Shiraz, Miljia


Name: Milja, Vesna & Pavke

Country: SERBIA

Date: 2014-05-09


Many thanks to Aliye, Mehdi guide and Mehdi driver for the whole organization and the opportunity that was given to us to discover this magical country and its rich heritage and culture. With the hospitality and friendliness of Iranian people and numerous adventures, be sure that you would live an unforgettable journey full of emotions, colors and smiles! It will probably be the trip of your lifetime




Iran, Isfahan, Tadeu Valadares


Name: Tadeu Valadares

Country: Brazil

Date: 2014-05-11


Thanks Aliye, Abdullah and Nazli for organizing our tour, and guiding us superbly from Shiraz to Tehran. We really appreciated your promptness and kindness. Thanks to the three of you, Magali and I spent a wonderful time in Iran. The tour exceeded all our huge expectations. Iranian culture, Iranian regions and cities, and Iranian people, all wonderful! We hope some day to have a chance to go back to your beautiful country. Tadeu and Magali


Name: Jeanette Pullar

Country: Australia

  Date: 2014-04-24


I thoroughly enjoyed my Iranian adventure and, if I hadn't been on a tour, would not have reached as many wonderful attractions in the time available. Nothing was too much trouble for Aliye, our guides and drivers, and our small group met many friendly Iranians. Prior to the tour I was in Tehran for a couple of days by myself and had a great time exploring. The only scary thing was crossing the road! Thanks for a great time and I hope to return



Iran Hospitality, Maria Luisa


Name: Maria Luisa & Gianpaolo Greppi


  Date: 2014-04-15


Thanks Aliye for organizing our individual tour. We really appreciated your promptness and kindness. Thanks to Nazly, Amin and Mohammad, our guides and driver, who made us enjoy every moment of our journey. We spent a wonderful time with them. The trip exceeded all our expectations. Iranian hospitality is just amazing! Forget anything negative you have ever heard about Iran: it's the most wonderful and welcoming place we have ever been! Maria Luisa e Gianpaolo



Name:Bridget Bascombe

Country: USA

  Date:November 2013


The trip to Iran was memorable. I was especially pleased to witness the remembrance celebration of the death of the son of Prophet Mohammed. The agency staff was very helpful, and equally knowledgeable. So too were the tour guides and driver. However, the guide in Tehran left me at the airport because he said that the driver was tired. I did not realise how tired I was, having not slept for almost 24hours, and missed the flight, and had to pay for another fare. I later learned that his action was unlawful, because I have an American Passport.I enjoyed the tour with him, and taking me to a carpet shop on my request, but leaving me was unacceptable. If I visited Iran again I would use this agency, and the same guide-not in Tehran, but suggest a better itenirary.



 Iran Hospitality, Tilman Schimmel


Name: Tilman Schimmel

Country: German

  Date: 2014-04-27

:Comment:We stayed nine days in Iran and really loved this trip so much, especially the hospitality of the Iranians - never experienced so kind and helpful people anywhere else before. Thanks to key2persia for the perfect organisation of this trip. We will visit Iran again






Name: Cosson Pauline

Country: France

  Date: 2014-04-18

Comment:Thank you so much to Pars Tourist Agency for this incredible tour. Iran is an amazing country, its sights and monuments are as astounding as its great history. As to the Iranian people, they are one of the most welcoming and warm people that I was given to meet, and I hope to come back very soon. Thank you again!



Iran, Tatiana






My friends and I were very happy to visit Iran.

It was an exciting tour. We visited everything we wanted to see.

I can not find words to say how people of Iran and sightseeing of your country impressed us.

Thanks  to all our guides and a driver.Special thanks are for you, dear Aliye! You were so  friendly and helpful every time I needed you.

Well done! I will remember you, your agency and Iranian hospitality.



Iran, Nattha Pawasuttikul


Name: Nattha Pawasuttikul

Country: Thailand

  Date: 2014-04-12

Comment: We really enjoyed the travel in Iran. Iran is fascinating country which we could say that it is very safe to visit. People are very friendly and we do receive quite warm welcome. We would love to thank Pars Tourist Agency and Aliye for well-organized tour. Special thanks to Ara & Vahid (our knowledgeable tour guides) and Mehdi (excellent driver). It is unforgettable trip of us !






Iran, Shiraz, Persepolis. Daniel Whitfield


Name: Daniel Whitfield

Country: New Zealand

  Date: 2014-04-22


I really enjoyed my trip to Iran, from the rich culture and many millenia of history, to the very friendly and welcoming people who made my travels all the more memorable. My expectations were definitely exceeded by both the historical monuments such as Persopolis and Agha Bozorg Mosque, and by the delightful cultural experiences such as exploring Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz and the eating delicous Fesenjān in Isfahan. Thank you to Ali & Aliye from PTA for organising my great Persian adventure!








Barbara Scotto, Shiraz, Persapolis


Name: Barbara Scotto 

Country: Italy

  Date: 2014-04-20


We'd like to say a big “thank you” to the Pars Tourist Agency: we really had a wonderful time in Iran and your organization has been perfect. We have really appreciated your kind assistance for hotel reservations, transfer and English speaking guide / driver during our individual tour of Persia. Iran is a wonderful country, safe to visit and full of beautiful cities and ancient culture. Isfahan is simply a dream, Iranian people are really friendly and helpful and their hospitality is very warm. We'll certainly come back to Iran! Thanks in particular to Shima and Zahra for their kindness. Barbara Scotto - Enrico Del Ninno - Roberta Gallo from Genoa - Italy



Daniel and Sandra


Name:  Daniel & Sandra

 Country: America


Comment:We had a wonderful 18-day tour in Central and Southern parts of Iran. Iran is an amazing country with ancient cultures, magnificent monuments, friendly people, and various scenery. Our tour guide, Ali, is very knowledgeable and organized. We have learned so much during this trip. This is a memorable trip for us!






Iran Hospitality, Patricia and Pierre


Name: Patricia and Pierre 

 Country: France


Comment:We really enjoyed this tour in Iran, everything was well organized with the help of Aliye, and our driver guide Saeid was a great person. We will certainly come back to visit others provinces of this beautiful country with the Keytopersia.








Iran, David Jones


Name: David Jones 

 Country: England



My sister and I chose the Treasure of Persia Luxury tour, which departed i January 2014 as a private tour. Everything went without a hitch, from the visa issuance at the Iranian embassy (which Pars arranged), and all our many questions being answered very quickly by Aliye in the office, to every single sight being amazing. We had two guides, Sohail in Tehran, and Abdollah for the rest of the tour, and they were so very knowledgeable about Iran and open to discussions and slight changes to the itinerary, such as adding different sights in, as well as being wonderful guides. Every city on the tour was chosen well to give a nearly complete historical record of Iran; From Saryadz to Persepolis, to Esfahan and the shrine of Hafez. Oh, and then the food!!! The food and the sweets in Iran are delectable! Admittedly, we struggled with the massive plates of rice, but everything we ate was so tasty! We enjoyed every aspect of this tour, and would not hesitate to recommend your tours!! Thank you very much for such a wonderful stay, in a wonderful country!





Iran, Shiraz, Ignacio


Name:  Ignacio Fernandez 

Country: Spain

 Date: 2013-09-29


We enjoy a lot in Shiraz, Isfahan and so on. We love the people of Iran we knew for their

friendliness and affability. Concerning the tour, no problem in general.

 We only have good reminds and the best wishes for you and your people.





Iran, Julia Veltcheva


Name: Julia Veltcheva

 Country: Bulgaria

 Date: 2013-10-26

Comment:Thank you very much! I really spent 2 amazing weeks, full of fun and new experiences and incredible places. Iranians are probably the most hospitable people.Iran is one of the most fascinating land I have ever visited. I'm glad that had the chance to touch to some of the splendid monuments of Iran's rich and glorious past.






Iran, Chris, Shireen, Rupit, Michele


Name: Shireen Irani Parsons

 Country: America

 Date: 2013-11-23

Comment: I want you to know how very much my son, Chris Allen, and I enjoyed our recent tour in Iran. Our guides, Sarah (Tehran) and Mahmud (Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan...), and our driver, Barzahd, are wonderful -- Sarah and Mahmud are so knowledgeable and enthusiastic, Barzahd is an excellent driver and navigator, and they're all personable and fun to be with.

For me, it was more than a tour - it was a journey into my heritage. My grandfather was from Yazd, and told me so many stories about his childhood in "the Pearl of the Desert." It was an unforgettable experience.




Iran, Mary Smith, Bistoon


Name: Mary-Helen Smith

 Country: Australia

 Date: 2013-09-29 Perfect Persia Tour (26 Days)

Comment: Frank & I enjoyed our Iran experience – it is a country with a long and varied history. The people of Iran , however, are the number 1 tourist attraction!








Iran, Tehran, Azadi Square, James Merriman


Name: James Merriman

 Country: England

 Date: 2013-11-17

Comment: I just wanted to say thank you for organising the excellent trip I had around Tehran and for assisting me in receiving my visa. It's always comforting to have someone waiting at the airport at the agreed time which for me in the past has been a problem with other companies so many thanks for perfect time-keeping not only at the airport but for all the other elements of my itinerary. The hotel was in a good area with all the amenities I needed during my stay within easy walking distance. The staff were also very friendly and informative. I really enjoyed the city tour your provided for me. All the stops were very interesting and provided me with plenty of photo opportunities. As a lover of food, the lunch stop as part of the tour was superb! I shall of course be recommending your services to all of my friends & colleagues who are considering a visit to Iran in the near future. Once again many thanks.



 Country: GREECE

 Date: 2013-10-12

Comment: Many greetings from Greece. We had a wonderful time in Iran. Everything was great. First of all the people were very kind. Everyone wanted to speak and have a conversation. They wanted to learn about our country and how we see Iran. The people were lovely. Morever all the hotels we stayed were very beautiful and clean. And the personnel very pleasant and helpful. Last but not least our guides were excellent . Shara is a very nice person and she try to make our stay comfortable and pleasant . Mohsen is a guy full of energy with many knowledges and great sense of humor .And always with the smile in his face. Very good at his job.He is a real friend now. Thank you for everything we are definitely recommend this agency and this beautiful country. Kisses , Kostis and Georgia.




 Iran, Bachara, Persepolis

Name: Bchara Katoura

 Country: Lebanon

 Date: 2013-11-01

Comment: The Glance of Persia Tour has exceeded our expectations. While booking this trip and before we traveled to Iran, my wife and I were a little bit worried and questioning if we are doing the right thing by traveling to Iran. When we arrived to Iran, our worries were gone and it was a very enjoyable and unforgettable experience. The people are very friendly, most of the young citizens speak English language and we could get directions and answers very easily. The archaeological places, museums and gardens are very impressive. Places we visited and left a great impression are Crown Jewels Museum & Sa'ad Abad Complex (Tehran), Persepolis & Necropolis, Imam Square (Isfahan). Travel Agent Key to Persia PTA: While trying to organize our Iran trip and while trying to get answers, PTA was the fastest to reply and their online chat option was very helpful. At the same time their price was very competitive and much lower than the other companies. During the trip, the travel guides were very professional and the agency took care of all our hotel bookings and flight bookings and around 95% of the time met or exceeded our expectation. We do highly recommend this agency and definitely will use them if we decide to visit Iran another time. Our 9 days vacation was very well planned, smooth and free of any problems.




 Iran, Travis, Persepolis

Name: Travis Lee Weatherford

 Country: America

 Date: 2013-10-05

Comment : I would be very happy to write a follow-up letter to our tour. I and the other members of the group all had a wonderful time, all thanks to your excellent help and the professionalism and organization of the Pars Agency. I can offer nothing but praise for all of your persistent help over the many years it took me to get the visa, and I was delighted with how well-run and comfortable our tour was. Both of our guides, Bahare and Mehdi, were excellent, well-informed, and a pleasure to spend time with. I hope that the recent, encouraging communication between our governments may eventually lead to an opening in Iran. Your country is full of incredible sights and too sadly overlooked by tourists. I think Pars is in a very good position to benefit when the flood of tourists inevitably descend on Iran.





Iran, shatajit Basu


Name: Shatajit Basu

 Country: India

 Date: 2013-10-19

Comment :Many thanks to Aliye and to Pars Tour Agency for organizing a fantastic tour for us in Iran. Special thanks to our new friends in Iran – Ibrahim (our driver) and Amir (our guide) who made the trip even more memorable. Iran is one of the most beautiful places I have visited – 5000+ years of continuous civilization, the magnificent Persepolis, the beautiful Naskh e jahan in Esfahan, the poetic alleys of Shiraz, the unique architecture of Yazd, the ancient villages of Chak Chak and Abanyeh – the memories of these will never fade. The people of Iran are amazingly friendly – I have rarely met such hospitable people in the world. I will definitely return to Iran soon for another vacation and I strongly urge anyone who hasn’t visited Iran to visit it as soon as you can.



Iran, Mario


Name:  Mario Perrone

 Country: Italy

 Date: 2013-09-27

Comment :Thanks to PTA for the travel-planning of our great journey in Iran. An heartfeltthank to our willing and able guide Sajad. Thanks to all iranian people for their hospitality and courteousnes. We really recommend Pars Tourist Agency to plan your holidays to Iran!